Wadowice and Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (private tour)

duration: 6 hr
type of tour: private
language spoken: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
availability: at request
dates excluded: 01.01, 06.01, Easter Sunday, 01.11, 24-25.12 and the last Tuesday of the month
About the site:Wadowice, located about 50 km from Krakow, is a typical town of the Malpolskie region. Its history dates back to the 14th century. The recently restored church and marketplace have been the town’s heart for ages. In one of the nearby houses Karol Wojtyla was born and grew up to be later known as Pope John Paul II. Today, the house is open for tourists as the family home of Pope John Paul II – Papal Museum. Visitors will learn here about the saint’s life starting from early childhood through youth, wartime and his priestly service after World War II. You will see pictures of his classmates and friends, his life before the war and visit a precisely reconstructed apartment of the Wojtyla family. The nearby Minor Basilica of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is where Karol Wojtyla was baptized and received his First Communion and Confirmation. The town preserved  buildings of two former public schools and Catholic House once attended by the saint. The memory of the Polish pope is significant everywhere in the town, from his statue to the favourite bakery serving his most cherished cream cakes – ‘kremowki’.
Bernardines’ Sanctuary of the Passion and of the Madonna in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska was often visited by Karol Wojtyla even after he became John Paul II. This wonderful complex of sacred buildings consists of late-baroque church, monastery and two chains of chapels and smaller churches that comprise Passion Path and Calvarian Path. In 1999, Kalwaria was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Sanctuary is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Poland.

About the tour:
The private tour is provided on client’s request and covers a car with a driver, the guide assistance for the entire trip and the guided tour of the family home of Pope John Paul II. Reservation must be made at least 7 days before the tour date. Departure from Krakow depends on the time and the tour’s language and is individually agreed on with the client. Our driver picks up the participants of the tour from their hotel in Krakow and drives directly to Wadowice. During the 1-hr-drive they have an opportunity to appreciate the Polish landscape with the guide’s commentary. In Wadowice, the guide leads the clients to the Papal Museum to join the 1-hr-tour. Then the guide takes them to the Minor Basilica of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and has a walk through Wadowice of the young Karol Wojtyla’s life. The walk may end up with a coffee break; then the tour continues to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. Here, the clients visit with the guide the Bernardines’ Sanctuary of the Passion and Madonna, with an opportunity of individual walk along the Calvary Trails (Drozki Kalwaryjskie). Finally, they are driven back to Krakow. The entire trip takes about 6 hr. The schedule can be altered and adjusted to clients’ preferences. Instead of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, it’s possibile to visit the Centre of John Paul II ‘Have No Fear!’ in Krakow.

The price includes::
Collection from a hotel in the Krakow area
A tour of the family home of Pope John Paul II in a chosen language
A tour guide in a chosen language
A car at the disposal of the client
Mineral water (0,33 l)
English-speaking driver

We guarantee:
High quality of service
No hidden fees
Door to door service
New vehicles
Polite service

Good to know:
  • The tour takes about 6 hr and does not include a meal.
  • Visitors at the family home of Pope John Paul II Museum are expected to act with reverence to this special place. Eating, drinking, smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes as well as talking on mobile phone is forbidden.
  • A visit at the family home of Pope John Paul II is only available with a tour guide. It is a group visit guided in language and time of your choice.
  • In case of visiting the Centre of John Paul II “Have No Fear!” in Krakow, a ticket to the Museum of John Paul II is not included in the tour price.
  • Dress suitably to the weather as the tour takes place mostly outdoors.
  • Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!