Salt Mine in Wieliczka (comfort tour)

duration: 4,5 – 5 hr       
type of tour: comfort   
language spoken: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French
availability: daily 
dates excluded: 01.01, Easter Sunday, 01.11, 24-25.12

About the site:
The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the oldest mines in Europe. Its uniqueness makes it one of the most often visited monuments in Poland by tourists from all over the world. The first traces of Wieliczka salt production date back to around 6 thousand years ago by evaporation of water from brine (salty water). The extraction of salt from the depths of Earth however began as early as in the 12th century. For many centuries its deposits were valued almost as much as gold.

The tour begins with walking 380 stairs down to the first level of 64-metre-depth. During a 3-hr-tour the visitors will walk through a 3.5-km-long network of underground corridors on three levels connecting great chambers, lakes, caves and chapels. The breathtaking St. Kinga’s Chapel is surely one of the best chambers with its wonderful salt sculptures and bas-reliefs. The Chapel of St. Cross, St. Anthony’s Chapel and Warsaw Chapel are not less beautiful at all. In the latter, concerts, balls and banquets are often organized. In the remaining chambers the history of salt mining, used tools and equipment are presented. In 1978 Wieliczka Salt Mine was awarded with being placed on the first list of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage UNESCO. The tour ends at the third level, depth of 135 metres and being taken by a lift to the earth’s surface.

About the tour:
The comfort tour can be organized upon the client’s request on a daily basis and includes the tours in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. You need to book it 5 days before the trip date at the latest.  Departure from Krakow depends on the time and the tour’s language and is individually agreed on with the client. Our English speaking driver picks up the participants of the tour from their hotel in the Krakow area and transports them directly to the Salt Mine in Wieliczka. During the 40-min-trip the car and the driver are at the disposal of the client. On the site the driver distributes the tickets, the headsets and attaches the group to the tour in the chosen language organized by the mine. The tour takes about 3 hr. Afterwards the participants have a short break to rest, use the toilet or have lunch. Its duration can be freely agreed on with the driver. Then the guests are taken to Krakow at the designated address. The entire trip takes about 4.5 - 5 hr.

The price includes:
Collection from a hotel in the Krakow area
A tour in a chosen language
A headset
A car at the disposal of the client
Mineral water (0.33 l)
English-speaking driver
We guarantee:
High quality of service
No hidden fees
Door to door service
New vehicles
Polite service

Good to know:
  • The tour takes about 4.5 - 5 hr and does not include a meal.
  • A constant temperature in the mine reaches 14*C throughout the entire year, so remember to dress suitably.
  • Comfortable shoes are essential - keep in mind that it is a walking tour.
  • Remember that the tour starts with walking down 380 steps. Using the lift is only free of charge for disabled and those who have trouble walking. Obviously, it needs to be reported earlier.
  • It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes and use electric torches in the mine.
  • Taking photos inside is only possible after purchasing permission in the counter.