Czestochowa (private tour)

duration: 8 hr
type of tour: private
language spoken: English, German, French, Italian,Spanish
availability: at request
dates excluded: 01.01, 06.01, Easter Sunday and Monday, Corpus Christ, 01.11, 11.11, 24-26.12.

About the site:
Czestochowa, around 150 km north of Krakow, is the main cult place of the Virgin Mary in Poland mainly due to miracles credited to the Black Madonna icon housed in Pauline monastery complex on Jasna Gora. The icon attracts pilgrimages from all over the country, which come to pray for Virgin Mary’s intercession. The picture was painted on three limewood boards and depicts Mary in navy blue robes, with Christ in her left hand. Two “scars” at her face are in fact slashes made by robbers who once attacked the monastery. The exact date of the painting’s creation is not known. It is said that the author was Saint Luke, who painted it on a top of a table, by which the Holy Family used to dine. It was brought to Czestochowa from Red Ruthenia (today’s Ukraine). In 1382, Pauline Fathers came to Czestochowa from Hungary. They were given a chapel in Jasna Gora to take care of. The chapel housed the picture of the Black Madonna which has quickly gained on popularity. Crowds of pilgrims from Poland and abroad began to arrive. In the 17th century the monastery was fortified to fend off the Swedish invasion. Today the complex is open for both pilgrims and tourists. The museum consists of the Arsenal, the Treasury, the Knights’ Hall and the 600th Year Anniversary Museum of Jasna Gora. Visitors will learn about the fascinating history of the monastery as well as see amazing jewellery and other precious gifts from the faithful in gratitude for Virgin Mary’s intercession.
About the tour:
The private tour is organized on request and includes a car with a driver at the disposal of the clients as well as private exploring of the Jasna Gora Monastery with a guide speaking a preferred language. Reservation must be made at least 7 days before the tour date. Departure from Krakow depends on the time of booked sightseeing and is individually agreed on with the clients. During the 2,5-hr-trip they have an opportunity to appreciate the Polish landscape. In Czestochowa the driver takes the clients to the monastery on Jasna Gora and leaves them with the ordered guide. The individual tour of the monastery takes about 1,5 hr and includes: the Basilica of Jasna Gora and the Chapel of Miraculous Painting of Our Lady, the Treasury, the Arsenal, the Knights’ Hall, the 600th Year Anniversary Museum of Jasna Gora and the St. Roch Bastion. After the sightseeing clients have a break for a lunch, and then they are taken to Krakow at the designated address. The entire trip takes about 8 hr.

The price includes:
Collection from a hotel in the Krakow area
A guided tour of the Jasna Gora Monastery in a chosen language
A car at the disposal of the client
Mineral water (0.33 l)
English speaking driver
We guarantee:
High quality of service
No hidden fees
Door to door service
New vehicles
Polite service
Good to know:
  • The tour takes about 8 hr and doesn’t include a meal.
  • Bearing in mind the sacred character of the place, visitors should be in suitable clothes and behave appropriately.
  • Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!